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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My first International Music Festival!!!!!

Since the first day in Perpignan, I knew about a music festival happening on July 12th. A few people in my school group were talking about going no matter what. They are Canadians and are a huge fan of Arcade Fire. Side note, most of the members in Arcade Fire are Canadians expect for the lead singer which is American. I like Arcade Fire and a few other bands on the lineup but I wasn't certain if I was going to go. Just a few days before the concert I was talking with me roommate about this festival. And then a thought came over me. "When will I be able to get another chance to go to a music festival in France?" So the day before the concert I bought a ticket and was planning on taking a train out there but I had no idea how I was going to get back. Just to let my mom know that I was not alone. My roommate came with me.

Looking back on this experience I can only laugh at the fact that everything worked out for us without planning everything out.

The first thing that worked out was buying our train tickets. The kiosk that had English options was not taking our credit cards so we had to use one that was only in French. Lets just say both of us were in the beginner's French class. Lucky my roommate figured out how to buy our tickets however it didn't look like a ticket. So she was worried that it wasn't a ticket and then was worried that we were not on the right train. For some reason I just felt that it will all work out.

Those were the right tickets and we were heading in the right direction. We got to our stop and now it was time to figure out where the festival was and how we were going to get there. Once again luck was on our side because we ran into someone who spoke English and French and was heading to the festival as well.

Once at the festival we got front row because we were there that early.

During the festival I just relaxed and listened to the great music. I met some new friends and danced the festival away. I wasn't even concerned with trying to get back.

Fortunately for us we ran into the Canadians I mentioned earlier and got a ride home.

The festival was amazing. I have never been to a festival with a view that this one had. The rain held out until the last band came on and then it poured. But it was worth every minute and I would do it again in a heart beat.

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  1. Too cool. Happy for ya. I hope you are journaling all this. Love ya